Viewing Interviews

Where possible Unfinished Histories interviews are recorded on video and on audio.
Some are recorded solely on video or on audio as indicated below.
Detailed, timed Topics Lists are available for each interview.

DVDs of the recordings and Topics Lists are deposited with:
Bishopsgate Institute, inquiries to
British Library Sound Archivelistening requests and inquiries:
V&A Theatre Collectionsto make an appointment:
Sheffield University Library, Special Collections contact:

The Women’s Theatre 1970s and 1980s series is also housed with:
Bristol University Theatre Collection, contact:
Additional copies of interviews relating to the Special Collections  archives at Rose Bruford College (Noel Greig, Pam Schweitzer, Kate Crutchley) are held there.

If you would like to view or listen to an interview, please contact one of the above depositories direct. Information on the topics covered in the interviews can be found on the interviewee pages on this site.

Interviews housed and currently available for public viewing at the Bishopsgate Institute, British Library Sound Archive, Sheffield University and V&A Theatre Collections (interviews to 2015):

Women’s Theatre Series (1970s – 1980s)
Jude Alderson – London Theatre Group, Sadista Sisters
Sheila AllenVagina Rex and the Gas Oven (Arts Lab Drury Lane), Queen Christina
Kate CrutchleyGay Sweatshop, Oval House, Character Ladies
Anne Engel – Women’s Theatre Group, Mrs Worthington’s Daughters
Bryony LaveryLes Oeufs Malades, Monstrous Regiment, Common Stock, Women’s Theatre Group, Theatre Centre
Julie Parker – Drill Hall, Gay Sweatshop
Ruth Mackenzie – Moving Parts
Natasha MorganPeople Show, That’s Not It
Eileen PollockBelt and Braces, Bloomers, Camouflage
Jacqueline Rudet – Imani Faith, Wet Paint Theatre Company, Black Theatre Co-op, Temba
Adele SalemSpare Tyre, Women’s Theatre Group, Hard Corps
Lily Susan Todd – Women’s Street Theatre Group, Monstrous Regiment. National Theatre of Brent
Michelene Wandor – Women’s Theatre Group, Monstrous Regiment, Gay Sweatshop, Mrs Worthington’s Daughters


Jamal Ali – Black Theatre of Brixton, Theatre Centre
Michael Almaz – Cafe Theatre
Ros Asquith (audio only) – Inter-Action/ Fun Art Bus
Bill Bailey  – Inter-Action (Ambiance Lunch-hour Theatre)
Mick BanksJohn Bull Puncture Repair Kit
Patrick Barlow – Inter-Action / Fun Art Bus; National Theatre of Brent
ED Berman – Inter-Action (Ambiance, Almost Free, Dogg’s Troupe, Father Xmas Union, The Other Company, Fun Art Bus)
Jane BostonSiren interview
Claudia BoultonBeryl and the Perils
Bette Bourne – Bloolips
David Cleall – New Arts Lab (audio) and other venues/companies
Norma Cohen – Sidewalk interview (audio) and own interview
Lavinia Co-opBloolips
Tony Coult – Interplay, Perspectives
Paul B. DaviesCrystal Theatre of the Saint
Poulomi Desai – HAC (Houslow Arts Co-op)
Jan DungeyCunning Stunts
Barry EdwardsOptik
Su Elliott – The Wandsworth Warmers
Ruud Engelander – Pip Simmons Theatre Group
George Eugeniou – Theatro Technis
Sarah Evans (audio only) – Theatrescope
Tash FairbanksSiren interview
Lesley FerrisMouth and Trousers
Paddy Fletcher – Incubus
John Fox and Sue Gill – Welfare State
Anna FurseBlood Group
Noel Greig – Brighton Combination, The General Will, Gay Sweatshop, Red Ladder, Theatre Centre
Robert Hahn – Friends Roadshow
Gillian HannaMonstrous Regiment
Charlie HansonBlack Theatre Co-op
Jean Hart Sadista Sisters
Christopher HaukeBubble 
Jim Haynes – Traverse Theatre,  Arts Lab Drury Lane
Guy HollandSidewalk
Julie Holledge – Mrs Worthington’s Daughters, Womens Theatre Group
Didi HopkinsBeryl and the Perils
Neil HornickThe Phantom Captain
Albert HuntBradford Art College Theatre Group
Jenn Ben Jackov  – Friends Roadshow
David Johnston – Theatre Centre
Roy Kift (audio) – Freehold, The Combination
Vanessa LeeSpin/Stir
Liz LeyhInter-Action
Annabel Leventon (audio only) – Stewart Parker, Traverse, La MaMa
Mark LongThe People Show
Mike Lucas – Mikron
Elizabeth MansfieldRed Ladder
Libby Mason – Coventry and Leeds TIE, Theatre Centre
Mustapha MaturaBlack Theatre Co-op
Kathleen McCreeryBroadside Mobile Workers’ Theatre, Red Ladder
Mary McCuskerMonstrous Regiment
Nancy MecklerFreehold
Johnny MelvilleSalakta Balloon Band
Andrea and Chris Montag (audio only) – Monstrous Regiment, Old Half Moon, Black Theatre Co-op and Oval House Print Shop
Mary Moore – Low Moan Spectacular, Orange Tree, Gay Sweatshop, Mrs Worthington’s Daughters
Roland Muldoon – CAST
Mica Nava – Women’s Theatre group
Joan Oliver – Oval House, Pip Simmons Theatre Group
Philip Osment – Gay Sweatshop
Kate OwenGay Sweatshop, Albany (audio)
Geraldine PilgrimHesitate and Demonstrate
Beth Porter (audio only) – La MaMa (New York), Wherehouse La MaMa (London)
Roland Rees (audio only) – Ambiance Lunch-hour Theatre (Inter-Action), Foco Novo
Dusty Rhodes –
General Will
Gavin Richards – Ken Campbell Roadshow, Belt and Braces (video)
Helen-Anne Ross – Inter-Action
Peter RoweBubble
Nabil ShabanGraeae Theatre Company
Pippa SparkesThe Wandsworth Warmers
Max Stafford-Clark (audio only) – Traverse Theatre, Joint Stock, Royal Court, Out of Joint
Joelle TaylorSpin/Stir
Ian TownsonBrixton Faeries
Steve TraffordRed Ladder
Debs TretheweySiren
Mary TurnerAction Space
Alan WakemanGay Sweatshop
Iris WaltonCunning Stunts
Hilary Westlake – Lumiere and Son
Jude WinterSiren
Emil Wolk – People Show, Pip Simmons Theatre Group

The following interviews made since 2015 are not yet available for viewing/ listening at our depositories but you can arrange a private viewing by contacting us: The General Will and Forkbeard Fantasy (Tim & Chris Britton, Penny Saunders and Ed Jobling)  

Copyright for Unfinished Histories interviews are held with the Interviewees and In Tandem TC or Unfinished Histories Ltd (the company changed its name April 2012). Interview material can be viewed and used for research and educational purposes only. For permission to copy and use material from the interviews for public display and commercial outlets please contact us here.