Jean Hart

Jean Hart - Copy


Actor and singer (Women’s Theatre Group, Sadista Sisters)

Jean Hart died in 2020 and UH has created a further page in memory of her

Below is an outline of the topics covered in our interview with Jean Hart in 2013, recorded to assist with the construction of the Sadista Sisters company webpage.

Jean’s Unfinished Histories interview is now deposited with the British Library Sound Archive, V&A Theatre Collections and Sheffield University. Please see Viewing Interviews for further details.

Date: 09.08.15
Duration: 00:54:55
Company: Sadista Sisters (in 1977)
Interviewer: Natalia Rossetti

Interview content includes: Jean Hart worked with Jude Alderson and the Sadista Sisters in 1977 on A Cabaret of Political and Sexual Blasphemy. Also worked with Women’s Theatre Group (founder member), Monstrous Regiment and Belt & Braces. Gives personal background, education and how she ended up working with Jude Alderson. Talks about where the work of Sadista Sisters sat within feminist movement of the time. Questions raised through imagery and sound rather than being discursive. The politics brought to the mix by her, Pauline Melville and Kate Phelps. Jude Alderson’s Weimar and Brechtian influence. Work focused on women’s feelings. Shocked audiences as they weren’t used to women’s issues being expressed in the Sadista Sister way. Information and details from the show –  A Cabaret of Political and Sexual Blasphemy. Jude’s strengths and the way she created. Talks about how they worked and put the show together. Rehearsals.  Tours to Sweden and Germany. Impossible to imagine such work being done now – gives reasons. Working collectively very hard but actually constructive out of its struggle for everyone’s voice to heard. Humour in the work and women’s lives.  Short discussion about funding. Jean’s Post-Sadista work.

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