Johnny Melville

JOhnny M 2


Performer, writer, director (Salakta Balloon Band, Kaboodle)

Below is an outline of the topics covered in our interview with Johnny Melville in 2013, recorded to assist with the construction of the Salakta Balloon Band company webpage.

Johnny’s Unfinished Histories interview is now deposited with the British Library Sound Archive, V&A Theatre Collections and Sheffield University. Please see Viewing Interviews for further details.

Date: 2013
Duration: 01:28:47
Company: Salakta Balloon Band
Interviewer: Phoebe Ferris

Johnny Melville early Johnny Melville early 70s

Interview content includes: The formation of Salakta Balloon Band in 1973 and its work until Johnny Melville (JM) left in 1976. How work emerged and developed. Key people within the group including those who joined later and ended up taking on the company after JM left to form Kaboodle. Company style and skills base they acquired to broaden work in response to demands of differing audiences/venues. Range of venues and set ups they performed to – street theatre, theatres, hospitals, old people’s homes etc.
Funding: GLA, Arts Council. Touring in Europe and nationally. Descriptions of Snow White and the Chicken; Fantasy Factory; Flying Franzinis; 2001 BC. Information as to JM’s pre Salakta work with Freehold, teaching on the ‘Oval House School of Radical Theatre’ course and the people he met there. Reflection on the times and the work. About the formation and work of Kaboodle, 1977-79.

NB: This recording was made on Skype and the audio quality is subsequently poor.

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