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This bibliography is largely confined to published books and periodicals and circulated printed material relating to my work and that of my artistic associates in The Phantom Captain company. The list generally omits items about specific productions and (with a couple of exceptions), items derived from my parallel career as a consultant literary editor.

Listed elsewhere [see UH links) are:

  • Film, TV and Video appearances
  • Audio Recordings

NH London, July 2016


(in chronological order of publication)

Nine Chains to the Moon by Buckminster Fuller (1938) See Chapter 4, ‘The Phantom Captain’, for derivation of the company’s name.

The Running Man magazine, edited by Christopher Kypreos, Vol.1, No.2, 1968.  pp.31-34 ‘The Bathroom – a film in progress by Steve Dwoskin, text by J.G. Ballard’. Features Ballard’s fanciful commentary on stills from Steve Dwoskin’s film ‘Me, Myself and I’, with NH and Barbara Gladstone.

Hell on Earth Comix by David Webster  (Street Comix, 1970) Includes a Phantom Captain comic-strip. 

Student Apathy Comix by David Webster (Street Comix 1970) Includes ad for The Phantom Captain.

Reel Life Comix (February 1971), produced by NH, David Webster &  Leicester Polytechnic Art School students (spin-off of a PC mixed media residential project)

Write-Off publications – Miscellaneous leaflets and production spin-offs by Neil Hornick and Joel Cutrara (1972 onwards)

The Phantom Captain Book of Books by Neil Hornick (1973). An invented catalogue of unlikely publications.

The Fun Art Bus compiled by Justin Wintle (Methuen, 1973) Includes script of ‘The Bus Hijack Mystery’ by Neil Hornick

The Set-Up: An Anatomy of the English Theatre Today by Ronald Hayman (Eyre Methuen, 1973). References The Phantom Captain (p.214)

‘Modern Drama Exam’, ‘extracts from an examination set and investigated by The Phantom Captain’  NH (Time Out, 21 December 1973 – 3rd January 1974)

A-Tracts by Neil Hornick, Joel Cutrara, Peter Godfrey and Greg Bright. 7 ‘Write-Off’ pamphlets issued by The First Church of The Phantom Captain (Reformed), 1975.  * No.1 Secretians programme + What is the First Church of The Phantom Captain (Reformed)?  * No.2 How Do I Join the Movement? + Application Form *  No.3 Praying on our Minds (prayers) * No.4  Shanties (songs and poems)  * No.5 Navel Yarns and P.C. Parables * No.6 The Lure of NauticultureThe Experts Testify (nautical quotations) *  No.7 The Seven C’s and Other Notions

Greg Bright’s Fontana Mazes by Greg Bright (Fontana/Collins, 1975) Includes maze puzzle (‘M3’) with ‘omitted’ titles attributed to ‘The Phantom Captain’.

Forwards! – a Phantom Captain anthology conceived and edited by Neil Hornick (Premature Publications / Unexpected Developments Ltd., 1977). Contributors include Mick Banks, Mike Bradwell, Greg Bright, Shirley Cameron, Quentin Crisp, Ivor Cutler, Joel Cutrara, John Dowie, Ron Geesin, Peter Godfrey, Davey Graham, Adrian Henri, Keith James & Marie Leahy, Terry Jones, Michael Kustow, Adrian Mitchell, Opal L. Nations, Jeff Nuttall, Genesis P-Orridge, James Saunders, Tom Stoppard and Heathcote Williams

Dr. Marbles & Marianne: A Romance by Nicki Jackowska (Harvester Press, 1982) The original version of the poem ‘Doctor Marbles Meets Marianne’ (pp.12-13) was apparently inspired by seeing The Phantom Captain’s Secretians.

The B’stard File co-written by Neil Hornick, Joel Cutrara et al (David & Charles, 1988). Mainstream commissioned spin-off from Rik Mayall’s TV comedy series.  In-character pictures of NH and David Webster feature in the book, initially written by NH and JC, then made over by the series originators. Maurice Gran and Laurence Marks.

Street Theatre and other outdoor performance by Bim Mason (Routledge, 1992).  References The Phantom Captain (pp.21, 208)

Dogtroep – The Art of Wild Theatre by Warner van Wely (Dogtroep/Uitgeverij International Theatre & Film Books, Amsterdam, 1992 ) References NH as influence on the company’s work (p.63)

Carnal Knowledge: Baxter’s Concise Encyclopaedia of Modern Sex by John Baxter  (Harper Perennial, 2009). Entry on ‘Saliva Pyjama’ references a street theatre event by NH.

Paris at the End of the World by John Baxter (Harper Perennial, 2014) Chapter 21, ‘The Scholar’, focuses on NH as an archivist.

‘Close-Up Magic’: 40 Years at the Bush Theatre edited by Neil Burkey (Third Millennium Publishing, 2011) NH contributes an anecdote (pp.13-15)  relating to ‘Kingdom Come: The Art & Craft of Pornography’ (by NH & JC, at the Bush in 1972).

Re-Staging Revolutions: Alternative Theatre in Lambeth and Camden 1968-88) by Susan Croft and Jessica Higgs, Foreword by Tony Robinson (exhibition catalogue, Unfinished histories Ltd., 2013) References The Phantom Captain.

Thalma: an artist’s life by Richard Hallam & Sylvie Venet-Tupy (Polpresa Press, 2016) See ‘Collaboration with Neil Hornick’ (pp.16-21) 

Contributions to anthologies by Neil Hornick

Dreamagazine ed. by Ian Breakwell (Fine Art Dept., Somerset College of Art & Technology, stencilled, undated, c. 1973).  Contribution by NH to an anthology on the theme of dreams.

Tropism ed. by Guy de Bièvre (Belgium, October 1982) Contains 48 ‘miniature-works’, with contributions by NH (as PC), Morgan-Fisher, Ivor Cutler et al.

The Photocopy Project (I.R.C.-Leuven, Belgium, February 1983) Three contributions by NH, including ‘The Original Photocopy’

Seeing in the Dark: A Compendium of Cinemagoing edited by Ian Breakwell & Paul Hammond  (Serpent’s Tail, 1990) Includes an anecdote by NH relating to the Wherehouse La Mama company (p.97)

Brought to Book: The balance of books and life edited by Ian Breakwell & Paul Hammond (Penguin Books, 1994). See pp. 23, 189 and 199 for contributions by NH, who also supplied some illustrations, including the cover picture.

Dying for Eternity by Andrew Lanyon and guest contributors (Andrew Lanyon, 1999) Includes ‘A View with a Room’, 14-page story by NH.

The Bristol Art Library miniature ‘public lending library’ anthology edited by Annabel Other, April 1999. NH contributes ‘The Forbidden Index’, partly derived from The Phantom Captain Book of Books (listed above)

A Book of Wonder edited by Robert Violette & Jane Withers (Selfridges & Co., 2007) Contribution by NH to anthology, see ‘The Wonder Gift Book for Children’ (pp.158-159)

Magazine articles and reviews by Neil Hornick

‘Cyril Tourneur’ (p.9), Plays and Players, October 1966

‘All Our Yesterdays – Neil Hornick looks at 1951’, Plays and Players, pp.64-67, October 1966

‘Green Room’ (pp.64-65), Plays and Players, November 1966. Comments on recent theatrical news events.

‘Fixed’, Twentieth Century magazine, (‘Obsessions’ issue, Vol.174, No.1033, Second Quarter 1967). Article about hallucinogenic drugs (pp.16-18)

‘Party Piece: The Phantom Captain speaks…’, Ripple, Vol.15, No.2, 13 November 1970), Leicester University Students’ Union newspaper.

Performance Magazine

Miscellaneous articles, reviews, interviews and references in Performance magazine, Nos. 1-19, 1979-82, including:

‘ Ionescapade’ review of Eugene Ionesco revue (No.4, Dec-Jan 1980, p.12)

‘Call Me Ubu!’, interview with Charlie Drake (No.5, 1980, pp.13-16)

‘Wot! No Pyjamas!’ interview with Fiona Richmond (No.6, 1980, pp.17-21)

‘Quantrill in Lawrence’ review (No.6, 1980, pp.21-22)

‘Side Show’ review of Graeae production (No.8, 1980, p.26)

‘Co*Star’ – review of a vintage American LP record acting game (No.6, 1980, p.28)

‘Showbiz Fundamentalism’ – article about The Talk of the Town night club (No.9, ‘The Entertainment Issue’, 1981, pp.6-7)

‘The Mad Show’ review (No. 13, Sept-Oct 1981, pp.21-22)

‘Crystal Theatre’ review (No.15, Jan-Feb 1982, p.22)

‘Night Train to Freedonia’ – review of Hesitate & Demonstrate production (No.17, May-June 192, pp.15-16)

‘Boogie!’ – review of Skirted Issue’s singing trio show (No.17, May-June 192, pp.25-26)

‘Ariadone’ – review of all-female Japanese Buto dance troupe (No.17, May-June 192, pp.26-27)

‘Cathy the Great’- review of Cathy Berberian’s one-woman recital, ‘From Monteverdi to the Beatles’ (No.19, Oct-Nov 1982, pp.13-14)

[In addition, a commissioned interview with Quentin Crisp was not published, though part of it survives on audio-cassette (24th June 1980).]

The Bookseller

‘Tales from the Scryptosphere’ by NH (The Bookseller, pp. 22-23, 20/27 December 2002). Survey of bizarre manuscripts assessed by NH as a literary consultant.

‘Have I wet your appetite?’ by NH (The Bookseller, pp.24-25, 19/26 December 2003). Survey of oddball pitching letters by wannabe authors

Miscellaneous Articles

‘The Phantom Captain’s porno-cruise’ by Phillip Oakes (The Sunday Times, 12 November 1972)

‘The Phantom Captain’ by Michael Kustow (The Guardian, 11 Feb 1975)

‘The ICA’  by Michael Kustow (The Guardian, 26 April 1976 ) references The Phantom Captain

‘The Video Session’ by Peter Godfrey (Visual Education, May 1976, p.25)

‘The Paris of the North’ by Angela Carter (New Society, 30 June 1977). References The Phantom Captain at Ilkley Literature Festival.

‘Aiming High – The Phantom Captain’ by Anne Leuchars (Bristol Evening Post, c. 18 October 1978). Interview with NH

‘Street Theatre’ by Luke Dixon (MunicIpal Entertainment, January 1979)

‘Captains of the Illusion Industry’ by James Truman (Hampstead and Highgate Express, 9 March 1979)

‘Straw hat pace quickens’ by Don. W. Carlson (Kalamazoo Gazette, USA, 17 June 1979)_

‘Phantom Captain Voyage of Discovery’ by Dina Ross (The Stage and Television Today, 9th April 1981). A profile of the company, linked to their production of Wake-Athon at the ICA, London.

‘Magic and Performance’ by Rob la Frenais (Performance magazine, No.13, Sept-Oct 1981, pp.16-21) Quotes NH and references The Phantom Captain

‘The Fringe’ by Naseem Khan (Drama: The Theatre Quarterly, Summer 1983). References PC

‘”Party Political” Street Performance? British Alternative Theatre History and the Natural Theatre Company’ by Grant Tyler Peterson. Not a published article but a ‘thesis submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, University of London, Royal Holloway (2012). NH, who has worked with Natural Theatre, was interviewed and quoted.


Also not itemized here, nor yet fully sorted and catalogued, is a large quantity of unpublished material retained in my archive, much of it co-written with Joel Cutrara. This mainly falls into the following broad categories:

  • Scripts and production notes
  • Recent personal reappraisals and commentaries on productions
  • ‘Mental Notes’ – general creative-cum-resource notes and exchanges
  • Theoretical writings on performance.
  • Workshop processes, exercises and games
  • Letters and other correspondence
  • Unproduced scripts and other unrealized projects
  • Radio, TV and video concepts.
  • Archive volumes (scrapbooks from 1965 onwards)

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