The General Will people

In July 2013 a group of people were interviewed individually and in a group by Unfinished Histories about their experiences and memories of working with The General Will.

The following people were interviewed individually:

and the following people joined for a group interview:

There is over 5 hours of interview material available:

Sue Imerson (13:14) Click here for Sue Imerson‘s biog and interview breakdown
Carol Moss (36:29) Click here for Carol Moss‘s biog and interview breakdown
Greg Philo (38:32) Click here for Greg Philo‘s biog and interview breakdown
Margaret Robson (25:24) Click here for Margaret Robson‘s biog and interview breakdown
Bobby Weaver (58:45) Click here for Bobby Weaver‘s biog and interview breakdown
Group interview (2:29:50) Click here for Group Interview breakdown

Details of topics covered in interview: Please contact us for details.

For General Will images see The General Will webpage.

Their interviews can be listened to at Bishopsgate Institute, British Library Sound Archive and Sheffield University.
For listening details see Viewing Interviews.

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