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Twelve Shifts of Gear

‘…The play is about a group of [Chilean] farm workers[during the years of Allende’s government], who led by several communist party members take over the land and run it….Vera tries to capture the spirit and determination of these villagers, their naive but selfless attempt to achieve ‘socialism in one village’…The play poses many questions about the defeat of [Allende’s] powerful movement in Chile… The company acted with vigour -using an ingeniously economical set, a kind of scaffolded trolley on wheels…’ (Newsline, June 1976)


‘The anti-racist, anti-fascist message is fully developed…’ (source unknown)
‘ Recreation Ground are undoubtedly a talented and extremely committed group managing to stimulate that rare thing, a long and lively post-production discussion about the play’ (Blackpool Evening Gazette)

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