Courage Best

The Courage Best ‘live’ ad from Wyre’s Cross by Peta Masters and Geraldine Griffiths,
produced by Mrs Worthington’s Daughters’ Daughters for Women Live 1982.
Courtesy of Karen Meagher, Jo Masters, Peta Masters and Geraldine Griffiths.

Ad transcription:

When your old man starts talking
And he won’t give it a rest
If you want my advice, mate
I’d have a pint of Courage Best.
It’s so gold, and clear, and beautiful
That I can hardly wait.
Without a doubt, it’s one of the things
That makes this country great.
They ought to have a pint
On exhibition at the Tate.
You won’t get nothing like it…
A lovely pint of Courage Best.
Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit….
Yap, yap, yap.

Performed by Karen Meagher and Jo Masters

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