Mister X Transcript 2

Mr X: I think if we can show that we can lead responsible lives as two adults then we’re doing our bit for Gay Liberation just as much as Mr Hodges here. Except we’re doing it in a quiet way and not flaunting ourselves and ramming our homosexuality down everybody’s throat.

Mr Hodges: Ramming it down some people’s throats might do a bit of good.

Presenter: Please Mr Hodges, let’s not get salacious.

Mr Hodges: I’m not getting salacious. I’m speaking the truth as I see it. That’s why you had us both on this programme isn’t it, for contrast? You were right in your first definition of homosexuality, a timid, sad little man in a dirty raincoat, that’s Mr X here.  And I’m a radical gay activist, who goes too far and insists that society must adapt to us, and not us to society. Either way, we’re both sideshow freaks for your viewers to gape at. The difference is Mr X tells the public what they want to hear, if the public dares to give us ten minutes of it’s corporate time, and I don’t. Mr X says let’s be discrete, to not rock the boat. Where as I say, let’s rejoice in being gay and do rock the boat, sink the bloody thing, we don’t need it! Our feet are firmly on the ground and we are marching.
Mr X says look at all the gay people that are so sensitive, artistic and creative, and I say what about all the other dreary fuckers who never did anything. That’s basically the difference between us. I don’t have to apologise for being gay or to compensate by identifying with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. I’m different from heterosexuals that’s all there is too it. Mr X is different too, but in his vocabulary, different means inferior. If you think you’re inferior, life is a long hard struggle; you’re constantly trying to live up to their standards. Their standards shouldn’t be yours. They’ll reject you. You’ll get your own standards and reject them. Until you do you’ll be fighting a battle you can’t win because you’ll be fighting yourself. That’s the cruellest thing at all, denying yourself the rights we’d afford to any man or woman. So push all that crap out the window. Cheer up. Smile. Say you’re glad to be gay.